Soleil Sense &
Soleil 360 Platform

Soleil Gives Your Crop a Voice™

Environmental Analysis
for the Professional Grower

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Designed and Built to Optimize
Your Environment

We designed the Soleil Sense & Soleil 360 Platform for today’s commercial crop producer that requires precise environmental control, meaningful and actionable data, and peace-of-mind.

We built an intelligent wireless network connected to robust environmental and substrate sensors that meticulously measure, record and report on the most critical growing conditions in any controlled environment.

Get the insight you need to scale quickly with efficient yields, quality and profitability.

Air and Soil Temperature

Sensors embedded into the plant canopy and substrate provide precise (+/- 1°C) measurements of air and soil temperature.

Relative Humidity

With Soleil Sense, you can monitor the humidity in your environment with precision (+/- 3%).


Soleil Sense algorithms calculate the vapor pressure deficit (VPD) to better predict plant transpiration and water loss.


Soleil Sense algorithms calculate the airflow intensity and direction to determine optimal air mixing within the plant canopy.


Soleil Sense substrate monitors the electrical conductivity of your substrate within +/- 1 mS/m.

Soil Moisture

With Soleil, you can fine-tune irrigation with the confidence of a volumetric water content with +/- 1% accuracy.


With Soleil Sense, you can ensure the even distribution of carbon dioxide with +/- 30ppm accuracy.


Ensure even distribution of light frequencies. Monitor light intensity from 400 – 700nm in μmol m⁻² s⁻¹ with +/- 5% accuracy.

“As a boutique cultivation facility, every plant counts to meet our goals. The canopy and environmental monitoring that we get from Soleil Sense provides us with data that helps ensure all of our plants are healthy. The daily reports generated by the Soleil 360 Platform offer a snapshot of our facility performance that I’m able to share with ownership to ensure that we stay on track to meet our product quality and consistency goals.”

– John Billings, former Head of Cultivation, Skinny Pineapple

Quickly Understand Your Environment

Whether you are starting a new facility or continually improving, get the information you need to fine-tune HVAC, lighting, dehumidification and irrigation equipment for optimal growing conditions from propagation to packaging (and every moment in between).

Rapid Deployment for Immediate Data Insights

Tap into the genetic potential of your crops by optimizing conditions based on cultivar and life-cycle. Identify and eliminate environments conducive for pest infestations and substandard yields and quality.

High-Resolution Monitoring

Monitor your growing environment where it really matters: within your plant canopy and substrate.

Take Action to Protect and Optimize

Mitigate crop loss due to equipment failure, mistakes, incompetence or even acts of god with real-time alerts that notify you when conditions fall outside optimal levels.

Soleil Gives Your Crop a Voice™

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