Shaping the Future of Data-Driven Cultivation

Soleil Sense + Control solutions are built on technology exclusively licensed to urban-gro, Inc. for the global cannabis, horticulture, and agriculture industries from Edyza, Inc. Together, these two leaders in their respective fields have joined forces to create solutions for large-scale cultivators.

urban-gro is a leading cultivation technologies company delivering best-in-class systems, solutions, and technologies to large-scale cannabis cultivators throughout North America. urban-gro helps cultivators achieve sustained scalability via innovative technologies that drive down cost, increase economic yield, and reduce environmental impact.

Not only is urban-gro recognized as one of the cannabis industry’s twenty largest ancillary companies, the company is developing its own innovative cultivation technologies to optimize efficiencies and maximize ROI.

Our Leadership

Brad Nattrass

CEO, urban-gro

Larry Dodson

Chief Technology Officer, urban-gro

Bob Pullar

Chief Financial Officer, urban-gro

Dan Droller

Executive Vice President of Operations, urban-gro

Ryan Ninness

Vice President of Technology, urban-gro

Steve Wilchek

Systems Engineer, urban-gro

Atul Patel

CEO, Edyza

Rana Basheer

Chief Technology Officer, Edyza

Edyza is a hardware and software technology platform enabling internet of things for high density connectivity and computing (IoT-HD) in industrial, commercial, and government sectors. Edyza’s wireless communication uses a proprietary channel access method to enable thousands of sensors and actuators to communicate in close proximity. Combined with its fog, edge and cloud computing software platform, Edyza offers unprecedented levels of data with the scale, precision, and resolution needed for machine learning for predictions and automation.

Together, urban-gro and Edyza have decades of experience serving as a trusted partner to some of the largest cannabis grows in the world.

Our high-density sensors go beyond the “big picture,” monitoring microclimates throughout your facility which may allow you to detect possible issues sooner.

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