Real-Time Access + Control Over the Entire Grow

Soleil Sense + Control solutions comprise a complete portfolio of remote monitoring and control for every aspect of the cultivation ecosystem. Cultivators can set and receive alerts of critical issues within your grow from anywhere.

High-Density Wireless Sensor Networks

Soleil Sense solutions provide both climate and substrate sensors in a High-Density Internet-of-Things (HD-IoT) architecture to provide real-time data on the microclimates within your cultivation facility

Environmental Sensors

  • Obtain temperature and humidity at a microclimate level to predict issues with pests
  • Utilize barometric pressure and implied air flow to trigger HVAC and other systems
  • Scale up to every plant, every bench, every region to fit your cultivation strategies

Substrate Sensors

  • Monitor substrate moisture and EC (electrical conductivity) levels on a per plant basis
  • Scale up to every plant, every bench, every region to fit your cultivation strategies
  • Real-time insights available from any device with an Internet connection

See What You Can Monitor with Soleil Sense technology

Soleil 360 Platform

  • Cloud-based user interface
  • Enables cultivators to view data and take action from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Real-time, actionable data and reports

Environmental Control Systems

Soleil Control, powered by Total Grow Control, gives cultivators the ability to take action on almost every aspect of their environment, from climate, to lighting, to fertigation and more.

Soleil Climate Control

Powered by Total Grow Control

Seamless Integration

Powerful, scalable architecture that will grow with your business

Short Lead Times

Get to market faster with up to 65% quicker delivery compared with that of the competition

Fully Customizable

Open architecture enables customization to your unique needs, as well as simple integration with any aspect of the cultivation

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with Soleil Sense HD-IoT sensor solutions

Easy to Use Easy to Master

Intuitive, easy-to-use interface that gives you complete control over every aspect of your indoor facility

Soleil Lighting Control

Competitive Pricing

Cost-effective device delivers integration into existing fixtures from approved partners

Dimming Control

Control dimming to mimic natural sundown effect and control plant transpiration.

Complete Control

Complete control over lighting environment with or without more complete environmental control systems

Individual Light Control

Individually control light fixtures to enable new lighting scenarios

Control Consumption

Control energy consumption / peak demand

The industry is evolving quickly. The Soleil technology helps us grow more efficiently and remain competitive in the market.

Stephen J., owner of an indoor grow facility

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