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Soleil Sense + Control incorporates new HD-IoT technology that serves as the basis for a completely new model of sensor architecture.

Leveraging the Industry’s Technology

Soleil Sense + Control solutions leverage the industry’s only true High-Density Internet-of-Things (HD-IoT) technology designed specifically for large-scale horticultural/agricultural applications. While sensors have been used in large-scale cultivation for decades, Soleil Sense + Control creates a new approach that delivers a level of granularity that was previously not achievable by existing sensor technology.

A Better Model for Sensor Networks

Soleil Sense + Control networks leverage a proprietary wireless protocol designed to deliver rich data at extremely low-power, well below existing wireless protocols like Zigbee or Bluetooth-LE. Put simply, there is nothing even approaching this model on the market today. The result is a bi-directional low-energy, Tree Network that captures micro-climates at scale.

Incredibly Energy Efficient

  • Soleil Sense proprietary protocol uses far less energy than current IoT protocols like Zigbee and others

Unparalleled Scalability

  • Soleil Sense can scale to thousands of devices with ease

Rich Data

  • Each sensor receives thousands of data points every day

Built to Last

Soleil Sense + Control HD-IoT Sensors are built to last in the toughest of environments. Some benefits include:

Harvests Solar Power for 10x Longer Battery Life than that of the Competition

Scalable to Thousands of Sensors and Controllers in a Single Network

Tested Reliability for Better Data Integrity and Accuracy

Standard Design Deployment with Built in Redundancy That can be Adjusted

Rated for Rugged Environments like Greenhouses + Warehouses

The ability to integrate facility systems simplifies operations and improves reporting.

Stephen J., owner of an indoor grow facility

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